Kellin the Unicorn Puppet - Single

by Trashbag Ponchos



Kellin is a unicorn puppet Andreas owns that is missing both eyes and looks like it got chewed up by a dog, because, it did get chewed up by a dog.


released July 28, 2016

Music by Andreas Miles
Lyrics by Andreas Miles and Cole Juckette
Recorded by Tyler Dreher and Cole Juckette
Mixed and Mastered by Tyler Dreher
Artwork by Kelsie Rotert

Andreas Miles - Vocals/Guitar
Cole Juckette - Mandolin/Vocals
Luke Glassman - Bass/Vocals
Eric Larson - Harmonica/Gang Vocals



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Trashbag Ponchos Lincoln, Nebraska

We play folk-punk jams in Nebraska.

Cole Juckette - Vocals/Mandolin/Percussion

Andreas Miles - Guitar/Vocals

Luke Glassman - Bass/Vocals

Eric Larson - Vocals/Uke/Harmonica/Trumpet
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Track Name: Kellin the Unicorn Puppet
Verse 1:
Remember ending that first summer?
That evening was a bummer, just knowing that I had to go.
Three hours ain’t so far when I’m driving in my car,
On my way to another show.

The seasons aren’t so strange when all the colors change,
But it doesn’t tell me how to feel ‘bout you.
There’s a pounding in my head (Dude just go to bed).
So I’ll take another drink or two.


My friends don’t even like you (yeah you’re pretty awful).
My friends don’t even like your personality.
But at least they think you’re pretty (pretty fucking awful).
Ain’t that the real tragedy?

You’re pretty face is my disgrace,
And I keep getting back on the wrong track.
This isn’t healthy, my brain’s on empty,
I’m admitting that you should go.
(You shouldn’t be here anyway!)

I make the same mistakes and I let them culminate,
Into another running joke (It’s not that funny).
I start to realize when I’m stuck between your thighs,
You’re just another notch in the bedpost.
(Another line in the song).


The only thing that makes me feel better,
Are the moments when I start to forget her.
(But when you let in her in our home, when you should be alone,
Jesus Christ I wish we never even met her.)