My Travelog on Globalization and the Human Experience - Single

by Trashbag Ponchos

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soulpants One of those artists you accidentally come across and listen to on a lark and then halfway through you're like hey now this is actually pretty good? Reminds me of AJJ in a lot of good ways, but with a cleaner sound. What I don't get: why they like Nebraska so much. Must be a Nebraskan thing. Oh well--looking forward to the album.


This song speaks for itself. Also we don't recycle so we're sorta hypocritical.


released June 30, 2016

Music by Andreas Miles and Cole Juckette
Lyrics by Cole Juckette and Luke Glassman
Recorded by Cole Juckette and Tyler Dreher
Mix and Mastered by Tyler Dreher
Cover Photo by Cole Juckette
Cover Edited by Eric Larson

Cole Juckette - Vocals/Mandolin/Percussion
Andreas Miles - Guitar
Luke Glassman - Bass
Eric Larson - Harmonica



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Trashbag Ponchos Lincoln, Nebraska

We play folk-punk jams in Nebraska.

Cole Juckette - Vocals/Mandolin/Percussion

Andreas Miles - Guitar/Vocals

Luke Glassman - Bass/Vocals

Eric Larson - Vocals/Uke/Harmonica/Trumpet
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Track Name: My Travelog on Globalization and the Human Experience
Verse 1:
Well I’ve been to California, where the grass is very brown,
'Cause all the agribusiness took the water from our ground.
We tried to rise in protest, but they surely shut us down,
And now they go to bed without the fear we’ll ever drown.

Yes I've been everywhere, I've seen the valleys and the springs.
I've seen the way we treat our animals and other human beings.
But what makes me the most sad is what isn't clearly seen,
The dark inside of everyman where lies their wicked greed.

Verse 2:
And I've been to the east coast where the businessmen do lie,
I've seen them in their ivory towers set against the sky.
Clean suits and fancy cars do not make you a man,
Rather we love capitalism and burning the Qur'an.
And all throughout the midwest, the native lands are gone,
They’re swallowed up by factories and over watered lawns.
And how have we repaid them? I ask you to respond.
No bank note was ever wrote, to release them from their bonds.


Yes we are all a plague, we are a disease upon this earth.
You have no idea the shit you caused the moment of your birth,
Some of us are normal but some of us are worse,
Our best laid plans have turned this land into a fucking hearse.
If we give you one thing more, I'm sure you’ll take the lot.
'Till there's no ground to stand on, this place is all we’ve really got.
We're bleeding and we're broken, and our land has turned to rot
come, stand and fight with me, you’ll probably be shot.