No Rules, Just Results - The Demos

by Trashbag Ponchos



Our first demos! So folk-punk.


released February 19, 2016

Cole Juckette - Recording
Tyler Dreher - Mixing/Mastering
All music written by Andreas Miles and Cole Juckette
All lyrics written by Cole Juckette, Luke Glassman, and Andreas Miles



all rights reserved


Trashbag Ponchos Lincoln, Nebraska

We play folk-punk jams in Nebraska.

Cole Juckette - Vocals/Mandolin/Percussion

Andreas Miles - Guitar/Vocals

Luke Glassman - Bass/Vocals

Eric Larson - Vocals/Uke/Harmonica/Trumpet
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Track Name: Lincoln Song (Demo)
Verse 1:
I’ve been takin' care of myself,
Best as I can when you’re around,
‘Cause you avoid me like the plague
Every time you come to town.

7 months passes,
In the blink of a dead man’s eye,
10,000 miles is too much when I cannot afford to fly.

Fuck you, I’ve never been better,
Fuck me, I’m gonna go get her.
Cold as the Nebraska snow
Is your heart when I’m home.

Best friends trippin' in the front yard,
(I’m here stuck on the phone with you)
I can’t keep keepin' on,
When you keep blowin’ me off,
Blowin’ me off.

Verse 2:
Sometimes find myself thinking,
Why won't you talk to me at all?
I kept every promise in my book,
But still you never call...

You cheated on her once,
With a girl named Jane.
She had a dog named death,
And a tattoo of David Blane.


Track Name: Light in the Attic (Subliminal Messages) (Demo)
Verse 1:
It’s four a.m. and it’s fucking cold,
The lights are on so I know you’re home,
My keys are by the kitchen phone,
Where I left them the night before.

The last two days we didn’t speak,
And this is the third time this week,
That you left me out here by the porch.

Your sister Anne can die in a fire,
Don’t believe what she says about me, she’s a liar
I wouldn’t touch her if she paid me, I’d rather die.

Wake up, wake up, please come outside,
I’m drunk as hell and I want inside,
You’ve locked me out the last goddamn time,
(It’s not assault, this house is mine!)

Wake up, wake up, I’ve lost my cool,
I’ll break the window if I need too,
I’m getting in if it’s the last thing I do,
You fuck with me and I’ll fuck with you!

Singin' “Naaa na na na na naaa!"
(Bush did 9/11!)
Singin' “Naaa na na na na naaa!"
(9/11! 9/11!)

Verse 2:
Even when you left for school,
I never was unfaithful to,
The girl that fucking hates me and my friends.

Keep your head down if you want,
And let me touch you once a month,
Is it any wonder why, i go to bars (and get the spins)?

This ring was the worst idea to date,
Besides the times we’d fornicate.
But at least I liked when you choked me there.